5 Things I’m Glad We Packed

What do a variety of Ziploc bags, 2 bars of soap and a twisty towel have in common?  (And what is a twisty towel, anyway??)

They're just 3 of the top 5 things I'm glad we packed for our trip to Costa Rica!

First, let me explain the Ziploc bags.  They were meant to organize the kids' clothing in their backpacks and for holding our alloted 3 liquid items for our carry-ons.  I thought using the bags would be better than opening up a backpack and having socks and underwear and shirts all mixed together.  Oh, and it was nice to separate our dirty laundry from clean.

But now that we're in Costa Rica, those bags are great for food storage (like half a head of cabbage), keeping ants out of cereal and sugar, and holding powdered laundry detergent.  Since we brought all different sizes (2 gallon, 1 gallon, quart and sandwich), it's been VERY handy.  And, unlike in the US, we're washing and recycling them to make them last longer.  Just being a good steward of what we have.

The Second item on the list…two bars of soap.  When we were in the US, I was a very serious couponing momma.  We had stockpiles of just about everything.  We weeded out and ate up most of it, but there were 2 bars of soap that lingered.  So I stuck them into someone's shoes at the last minute and brought them with us.  I am SO glad I brought them.  The health and beauty products here are PRICEY, so not having to buy soap was a blessing.

Now, what IS a twisty towel, you ask?  It's one of those things (As Seen on TV) that you twist on your head like a turban to dry your hair after a shower.  Just a little luxury, but since the quality of towels here is worse than what you'd find at a dollar store, I'm glad to have two.  Yep…brought two. :o)  Maybe I'll share with the girls…

When you're packing up for an extended trip like we were, space is at a premium.  The children were each allowed to pack some toys, but I was really torn about bringing MORE toys.  But I'm very thankful I brought several travel and card games.  Why are additional toys on my list in the fourth spot?  Because when it rains for most of the afternoon (every day of the week) and the sun sets around 5:30pm – 6:00pm, there's lots of time spent indoors.  We've played lots of great games together already, so this was a nice treat!

The final item on my "top 5" list are flip flops.  I knew before coming that flip flops were not exactly the ideal walking shoe for trips into town or hiking through a rain forest.  But I don't wear mine out of the house.  Those of you with tile or wood floors know how hard it is to keep them dust/dirt free…especially with kids (and a husband).  Since we have no rugs to catch the dirt, our floors make for dirty feet, in spite of sweeping multiple times a day.  So.  I heart my flip flops for keeping my toes clean-ish.

Oh, and one last thing I have to add that I almost forgot.  The second day here, we bought the children some color pencils.  (How we ended up not packing ANY crayons or pencils is beyond me!)  But the store did not have any pencil sharpeners.  I figured we could make do with a knife to sharpen, but it failed miserably.  Then, I remembered item #6…my eyeliner pencil sharpener!  (Those who know me know that I rarely ever wear eye makeup, but I had a coupon and it was on sale!)  That little sharpener made my kids' day and sharpened those pencils like a dream!

So, there you have my top 5, rather 6, things I'm SO glad we packed for our trip.  Have you ever packed something without much thought and then been thankful you did?

Image: John Kasawa / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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  1. Rebeca Says:

    I always bring a variety of ziploc bags because they come in handy for so many things! 

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