How do you sum up your entire family AND philosophy AND life in one simple blog post?  I'm fairly certain you can't, but I can give you an abridged version and then you can read the rest of this site and get a better idea of who we are.  Deal?

We are a crazy, kid-loving, homeschooling, entrepreneurial, nap-enjoying, Christ-following family of wanderlusts that are often being led in new directions.  Sometimes the directions are spiritual, emotional, intellectual…but most recently, they seem to have been physical in regards to travel.  And we ALWAYS get lots of stares and funny looks when we're out in public.

As a prior military family, we did our fair share of traveling and moving, but usually only one of us got to enjoy the sites of the world…and it was with the crew of a HC-130, not the family.  We were blessed to see so much of our great nation and even had children along the way.

Starting off in Wichita, KS, then to Milton, FL, off to Little Rock, AR and Corpus Christi, TX.  Then, we got to settle in a bit in Valdosta, GA (for about 4 yrs!), then back to Texas, this time it was San Antonio and then we broke ties with military life and settled in to Eastern NC…or so we thought.

After 3 years of living in the hometown of our head pilot, we started to feel a pull.  If you're a wanderlust, you know what we're talking about.  It was time for a change, preferably to somewhere that didn't snow in the winter.  Since our co-pilot grew up in South Florida (and those Christmas visits were always SO much warmer than anywhere else we'd lived), the Sunshine State began to beckon and sometimes SCREAM for us.

With much prayer, we sold what many homeschool families consider the dream life: a 9.56 acre hobby farm, complete with a 1935 farm house (it DID have indoor plumbing, praise the Lord!), LOTS of room for the kids to run and play, a chicken coop, a big burn pit which the Pilot and his father enjoyed a little too much sometimes, fresh blueberries and figs in the summer, sometimes apples and pears in the fall…and a yard that got REALLY dark at night.  And, as per the co-pilot's prayers, it was within 15 minutes of a Target and Walmart.

And we sold it…walked away from rural life to pursue what we didn't know would be the beginning of the end of our "normal" life in the US.  Through God's great provision, in one week's time, we moved all our worldly belongings (it took a big moving truck AND a trailer & still gave a ton of stuff to our church) into a rental house that seems like it was made for us.  And was exactly what we'd prayed for.

Except, shortly after the move, that itch didn't go away.  In fact, it got worse.  With the country seeming to turn further and further away from what our family saw as the best place to raise our children, a new dream began to unfold.  We began talking of taking those dreams of showing our children the world more seriously.  And so begins this blog…at the point where we are actively taking steps to reduce our possessions (and the hold they have on us), growing our online communities and businesses to support us and making plans to get rid of 99% of what we currently own so we can travel the world as a family and knock as many line items off our family bucket list as possible before our children leave our nest.

We invite you to come with us (virtually) on this journey…trial and all…and we hope to inspire you to NOT save travel for when your children are gone and you may be too old/sick/whatever to enjoy it.  Some will call us crazy and we're ok with that.  Others will try to convince us not to do it and try to play into our fears, but we will not concede.  Hopefully, most will encourage us to follow our dreams, take some calculated risks and explore this AMAZING world the Lord created and learn about the people and places that changed it.

Join us, will you?  If through our triumphs and trials we can inspire you to at least dip your toe into world travel with your kids, we've done our job.  And if we can but be small instruments of God, showing His Love to others as we travel, then perhaps we'll encourage you to touch and serve others to the glory of God, too.