Biking through Merida


While we were in Merida, we decided to try out something that sounded like fun: biking through the city on Sunday morning.

Merida sections off a path through the heart of the city EVERY Sunday morning to allow its residents and visitors a chance to bike or skate or even just stroll along the city without worrying about cars.

When we arrived in the city, we didn't realize that it would be a LONG walk to find a spot to rent bikes that would work for all of us.  There were more than a couple bike rental spots, but most just had 2 wheeled bikes and we needed something that would allow us to tote the little ones along.  We ended up finding one that had tricycles (which is what I rode), one with a seat on the back for our little guy and smaller bikes for the kids.

It was fun picking out our bikes, even though I did feel like a granny on my 3 wheeler, and everyone enjoyed themselves.

What a treat to be able to ride through such a large city on a bike!  I didn't get hardly any photos because the bike was a bit more challenging to ride than I'd anticipated. 

After the bike tour, we stopped off at a charming courtyard style restaurant for a yummy meal.

If you're ever in Merida on a Sunday and looking for something fun to do with the family, I encourage you to bike through the city!

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  1. Jeanette Says:

    We were just in Merida in December for a couple weeks. It really is a lovely town with a great colonial charm. Id you havent been to the local Uxmal ruins I think they are far more impressive than Chichen Itza (and there are less tourist!) Safe Travels!!

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