Feliz Navidad Without All the Stuff

Christmas ornaments.  Homes decorated with lights of all colors.  Mistletoe hanging from a door way.  Favorite carols playing on the radio.  Handmade family stockings hung up for all to see.   *Sigh*

Without a doubt, Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year.  Every year, depending on the excitement of the children, we'd drag out box after box of decorations, sometimes as early as Thanksgiving.  There would inevitably be some arguing over whose turn it was that year to put the angel on the tree (that is until 2 years ago when the angel broke and we bought a star…ugh) or who gets to put baby Jesus in the manger scene. 

But one thing that has been lacking in our Christmas celebrations for several years now is the emphasis on the kids putting together a mile-long list of their "must have" toys.  They do still make a small list, but nothing like most kids their ages would do.

In 2001, we had, and I almost hate to admit it, an obscene Christmas.  That year, our family spent September through early December together in Albuquerque, NM.  While in New Mexico, I gathered up a little collection of gifts for our 2 girls…things that their Pilot Daddy could bring home when he drove back to Georgia.  But when I got back to Georgia, I had forgotten how MUCH I'd bought the girls and kept on buying…and buying…and even had the Pilot buy MORE to bring home.

The result was a Christmas morning that was totally overwhelming.  Too many gifts.  Too many toys.  Too much stuff.  At that point, I realized we needed to make a change.  Christmas is not about spending tons of money on toys for the children, toys that they often had little to no interest in after ripping off the wrapping paper…it's about Jesus coming to earth as our Savior.

The next year at a MOPS meeting, one of our mentor moms shared that their family only gave 3 gifts to the children.  Her rationale was that if 3 gifts from the Magi was good enough for Jesus, it was good enough for her children.  From the moment I heard that idea, I loved it!

Having a 3 gift limit has forced our children to really decide what they REALLY want for Christmas, but this year, things are different.  Without the constant bombardment of American television commercials, newspaper sale flyers, signs in stores and even billboards along the roads, we're just not hearing the "Mommy, I want…" chatter from our children.  And as a mom, I don't feel the artificial need to spend money buying up stuff to make sure our Christmas morning is filled with unwrapping tons of gifts.

It was also hard on the grandparents when we asked them to honor our requests to not buy tons of stuff for the children.  We know how much they enjoy getting little treasures for the grandchildren, but sometimes it can get out of hand.  While we are so grateful for having parents who love to shower our children with gifts, we struggle with what to do with all the toys after they became "old news" and cluttered their rooms.

We've come a LONG way in 10 years.  Living with less and being in a totally different culture, one where my children have seen how happy other children are with FAR less than they've ever had, we have all gained a new perspective on the role of possessions and how they affects us.  We've never "done" Santa, so we don't have to deal with trying to come up with a reason why "Santa" didn't bring them as much this year.  But we're seeing that our kids realize that stuff doesn't bring happiness.  At best, it gives them something to occupy their time when we're not doing something else.

Do piles of gifts demonstrate love?  We're realizing that the answer to this question is a resounding, "NO!"  Enjoying time spent with those we love most and sharing experiences does demonstrate love to us.

The gifts come and go.  It has really saddened me to read on Facebook about so many friends lining up to make huge shopping trips to buy tons of stuff over the Thanksgiving holidays.  From an outsider's perspective, it seems like the massive push to buy stuff is the focus of Christmas, not enjoying family and celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.

In spite of how I may be coming across, we are giving gifts this Christmas, but a LOT more thought went into them this year than ever before.  Craft items.  Electronics that are too expensive to buy locally.  American quality clothing.  Crocs.  Some simple toys for the youngest ones.  No long lists.  No overstuffed stockings.  Not a lot of stuff to fill the space under our humble Christmas tree.

Christmas 2011 = Faith + Family + Contentment – Stuff

That's our new equation for celebrating the most wonderful time of the year!

What about you?  Has your view of "stuff" and Christmas changed in recent years?   How are you combating the artificial desire to buy stuff?

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19 Responses to “Feliz Navidad Without All the Stuff”

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  5. A King's Life Says:

    Love the new equation.  I think most people try to attain that ideal, but the holiday 'spirit' of obligations and comparison tend to take over. 
    Living in another country and experiencing being the 'gringos' with stuff is very humbling and we have realized that we need so very little for our family.  This year we plan on celebrating with a few minor gifts and giving our time to the many families on the island that need help. 

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  8. Susan Says:

    We have done the 3 gift thing since then too.  Couldn't remember where I learned, but now I do believe it was Susan…last name escapes me.  I also thought I heard it on Focus on the family. Anyway, it can be hard to stay out of the commericialism, but we remind our kids of all they have and that Jesus is the reason for the season.

  9. Mom Says:

    It was Susan Fountain. LOVED that idea and have tried to stick by it every year, but it can be hard!

  10. The best Christmas presents | Living Outside of the Box Says:

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  11. Diya Says:

    The 3 gifts idea is brilliant! For kids it's the perfect balance between giving them something for the holidays but not overwhelming them. Thanks for sharing that and the equation…would be great to have those for more things in life.

  12. Jennifer Pearce Says:

    I love how you spoke about how quality time and experiences with our loved ones demonstrate love, not piles of gifts.

  13. Lisa Wood Says:

    Its funny how much stuff we do buy – thinking that our kids will be happy with lots of toys! You are lucky that you dont do Santa because we do…but we are not sure what to do as we only have so much room :)
    LIfe is so much easier when you don't have to buy so much for each child. I love the story about three gifts  – good idea!

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  15. Rebeca Says:

    I'm sure you will have a wonderful Christmas!

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  18. with2kidsintow Says:

    Your post echos that of ours!  We too are so over the commercialism of Christmas.  Love definitely doesn't equal love!

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