Festival of Lights: Costa Rican Christmas Celebration

Celebrating Christmas in another country is proving to be much more different than I'd anticipated.  We've spent Christmas' in Kansas, Florida, Texas, Georgia, and North Carolina.  But all of them still "felt" like Christmas to a certain extent, even the one spent in Universal City, TX when we didn't have any of our usual holiday decor.

I don't think it's really hit any of us that Christmas is just a week away.  It is SO different not having American TV and every store reminding us to count down the shopping days left before the big day.  It also doesn't help that it has been quite warm lately.  Even growing up in SW Florida, things did cool off enough to know that it was December.  But it doesn't really feel like that here in Costa Rica.

But tonight, after watching our girls do 2 dance performances and seeing part of a nighttime parade (and having some yummy charbroiled meat on a stick), it did start to feel a bit more like Christmas.  Maybe it was spending time with some new friends or the chill in the air (yes, it does get a bit chilly here) or all the bands that remind me of watching the Macy's Christmas Day Parade with my mom as a child.

It's hard not to get a little homesick around the holidays when you're not near family.  We're just building new memories and different traditions for our children.  Sometimes it's exciting and adventurous.  Other times, it makes your heart long a bit for the familiar comforts of Christmas "at home" in the US.

Who knows where we will be this time next year.  Wherever we may be, it will be nice to be together, the 7 of us, spending the holidays remembering traditions past and adopting new ones.

Do you have any holiday traditions that you've adopted from travels you've done?

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