Guadalajara Regional Museum – Museo Regional de Guadalajara

On a recent trip to Guadalajara, we stumbled upon this neat museum right off the central plaza the Museo Regional de Guadalajara.  We got there fairly late in the day (because we never seem to get anywhere early) and were delightfully surprised.

The museum is in an old colonial mansion, complete with a lovely courtyard in the center.  The entrance fees were cheap.  If I remember correctly, the kids were all free, the Pilot was free with his student ID and I was 45 pesos (less than $4USD) and paid an extra 35 pesos (under $3USD) to be able to take photos…without flash.  And DO make sure you set your camera to the "no flash" setting because there are museum watch dogs all around to make sure you follow the rules. :)

On the bottom level, there was a huge skeleton of a mammoth.  Honestly, I never imagined seeing a dinosaur skeleton in Mexico…it just never crossed my mind, but this mammoth was found in the Mexican state of Jalisco in the 20th century.  Fascinating!

In addition to several other fossilized dinosaurs, the museum has a large collection of huge paintings, as well as artifacts from the Spaniards that took over the country.

I created a little slideshow video to showcase some of the things we saw.  Remember, I couldn't use my flash, so the coloring is a bit off, but you'll get the idea.  You may just see a few cute kids in there, too.  They're ours.  Sorry there's no music.  My video program didn't like the music file I chose. :/

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  1. jeff Says:

    great video.  this is one of my favorite museums in the city.  i think the museum of arts at UDG is my favorite.  fyi, many are free on the first tuesday of each month.

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