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family travel journalI have recently been going through lots of plastic bins full of our family's memories and trying to get rid of the "junk" that has creeped in over the years.  As I sat in the garage pouring over old photos, love letters to and from my husband and countless other items, I found an old folder from a 23 day trip to Romania back in 1989.

Why Romania?  My sister was a gymnast at the time and her gym planned a trip to go and train with the Romania Olympic coaches in Bucharest.  My mom went as a chaperone and I tagged along for the experience.  I am SO thankful that my parents saw the value in international travel because that trip was eye-opening.

We had the opportunity to see inside a communist country, complete with bugged hotel rooms, tapped phone lines and gypsy children following us.  We didn't find out about the spying until after we were home, though.  Ah…the memories.

But the interesting thing about going through the journal was reading the short (3-4 sentence) entries from every day of the trip…being told from the perspective of a 15 year old girl.

As I read the entries, I discovered that there were quite a few things I did not remember from the trip.  I forgot that we had a chance to ride Lippizaner stallions.  That entry really peaked the interest of my horse loving daughter!  And I didn't realize how often I had written about the horrible food.  I hope the food options have changed some with the fall of the communist government there, but bad food was a topic in about half of those daily entries.

I am thankful that we were told to journal this trip of a lifetime.  I have never been an avid journal user, so being able to go back and recall those lost memories was quite a treat.  My oldest is a natural journal writer and I know she'll treasure the memories of all the trips and events she records on pen and paper.

Now, with the advent of the internet, it's even easier to journal traveling and easy to share experiences with family and friends, as well as share helpful tips and ideas for interested travelers.  I know other traveling families whose online journals/blogs have been extremely helpful, encouraging and inspiring.

Do you journal your family travel bucket list adventures?


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