Keeping up a holiday tradition while traveling

One of the most "different" things about traveling long term is how we incorporate holiday traditions into life.  This is our second Christmas outside of the US and we've found ways to keep some traditions alive.

One holiday tradition I miss about our new life of travel is decorating the house and the Christmas tree.  We had tons of ornaments, garlands, ribbons, a manger scene, handmade stockings and even one of those little Christmas villages with an ice skating rink.  I know it is totally impractical to travel with those kinds of things, to only use them once a year, but it was such a treat to enjoy them when we had them.

We have bought a Christmas tree here in Mexico…our first real tree in at least a decade!  We've made do with origami ornaments the children have made and strings of beads given to us by a Canadian lady that lived down the street.

But one thing we haven't had to sacrifice on is sending Christmas cards!  Sending actual print cards seems to be one of those traditions that is dying out, but I'm hoping that this simple blog post will encourage you to try what we do and bring it back to your holidays.

Using foreign mail services isn't the ideal way to get our Christmas cards sent out, but we found a way to do personalized cards (including photos and our own handwriting) without having to pick up a pen.

We use a card sending service to do all the heavy lifting for us!  The card service is not only affordable, but easy to use.  The process is very simple.  We login, choose a card design (they have thousands of designs for every occasion) and type out our message.  If we want to add a photo, we can.  We then choose the recipient (we have all the addresses saved in our account) and click send!

Watch this short video to see how you can find, customize, sign, address and send a greeting card (to as many people as you want) in under 5 minutes.

The cards are printed on high quality paper and sent TO THE RECIPIENTS for us!  We never have to lick a stamp!  When there's a birthday or other special occasion, we can use the same card service to send a gift or gift card.  The gift selection is pretty impressive with everything from brownies to books to home decor items and gifts for men, women and children.

I know it sounds funny to talk about sending Christmas cards on a travel blog, but this simple and very affordable card sending service (it costs $1.38 to print and ship a card with a photo or just $1.07 without a photo) has allowed us to stay connected with friends and family no matter where in the world we're living.  The service has centers in several locations in the US, so your cards will arrive quickly.  Oh, and they do ship internationally!

If you'd like to check out this service and see how easy it is to send high quality Christmas or holiday cards to those you love and miss, you can send a free card…on me!  Just go to the card service website and click the "Send a Free Card" button under the video.  I think you'll like it!

You don't have to be a long term or even part time traveling family to use this service.  We have clients that use this to stay in touch with their customers and have friends that used the service to send out baby shower invitations.  It's so versatile.  I think everyone should use this!

And, only if you're interested, you can find out how you can make money by helping other people send thoughtful cards to those they love.

How do you keep up holiday traditions while you travel?  Do you send out holiday cards to your friends and family?

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4 Responses to “Keeping up a holiday tradition while traveling”

  1. Living Outside of the Box Says:

    That does look cool–thanks for sharing!

  2. Susan Says:

    It really is neat.  I was thinking I should do a video to show how easy it is.  If you already know what you want to say, you could have a card done in less than 5 minutes (providing you don't spend lots of time looking at all the great card designs like I do!), and have it shipped out to hundreds of people.
    Talk about a time saver!  We LOVE it!

  3. chris Says:

    Great….ok a dumb question. What program did you use to make the video ?


  4. Mom Says:

    iMovie :)

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