One Year of Family Travel!

It's been one year since we left Orlando International Airport EARLY on August 7, 2011 to begin our family travel adventure.

Backpacks galore in the Merida Airport!We left with 6 backpacks, one toddler backpack. 4 checked bags, a car seat (that we only used for the kids to sit on and watch movies!) and our dreams.  (Note: Now we're down to 6 backpacks, 3 checked bags and our dreams…)

We didn't know if we'd like it.  We didn't know if the children would like it.  We didn't know if we could make it work.

Now we KNOW we ALL love it and it's working well for us.

The last few weeks leading up to our departure were rough.  There were days I thought we were totally insane.  Tears were shed.  Stress was INTENSE.  95% of all of our worldly belongings were in the hands of strangers.

And we'd do every bit all over again.

This year has been like many others, with highs and lows, sicknesses (including high fevers in the two little ones that scared me!), dealing with crazy weather and living life.  Except we were not in the US.

Some highlights for me included seeing the beautiful colonial city of Granada, Nicaragua…a country I never imagined going to. 

Participating in the "Desfile de Faroles" (Luminary parade) on the night before Costa Rica's Independence Day…a tradition my mom took part in as a child.

Falling in love with the gorgeous city of Merida, Mexico.  I truly think I left a piece of my heart in that city…and would love to return when it's not so doggone hot!

Meeting some AMAZING friends all along the way.

There were some low points, too.  Nothing like 14 days straight of rain in October in Costa Rica to make you question your sanity.  Or our horrid border run to Panama that was a nightmare (but also full of blessings).  Oh, and the lovely trips on buses with vomiting children.

Oh, did you think travel was glamorous?  HA!  We now have our handy "barf bucket" nearby at all times.  It's an empty milk or water jug (gallon sized) with a big hole cut out.  Got to use what you have on hand!

This year is likely going to be full of similar highs and lows.  We have NO CLUE where we'll be when we hit our 2nd Anniversary of being full time travelers, but we're excited to see what the next 12 months brings!

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  1. Rebeca Says:

    Congrats on your first year! It will be fun to see what the next year brings. I hope we'll get to meet up in real life one of these days! 

  2. Family Travel Bucket List Says:

    Thanks Rebeca.  I'd LOVE to meet up in real life, too! 

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