Re-examine your dreams and make them happen

What was your first thought upon waking this morning?

  • Did you think about your mile long to-do list?
  • Did you think about your job and how much you love it? Or hate it?
  • Did you think about your kids and what they would do today?
  • Did you pull your covers back over your head in denial?

My first thought this morning when I woke was how thankful I am to be living the life I live.

My friends, Jenn Miller and Nancy Vogel are hosting an intensive course to help YOU wake up in a similar way. 

Every day is a dream reboot when you change your perspective, and priority structure, to reflect the truth the each day you get to spend in any way you choose!

I used to:

  • waste too much time.
  • have a hard time focusing
  • needed to narrow my "lists" down, do the stuff that matters, channel my energies
  • be famous for having fifty projects on the go because, truthfully, I work better under pressure
  • have way too many things inspire me

Does that sound like you?

Do you have big dreams, but are spinning your wheels?

So these are my questions for you today:

  • What is it that you are passionate about?
  • How are you going to change the world with the time and resources you have?
  • What is your big goal?
  • Your life’s purpose?
  • How can you narrow your focus, cut the fat and do the things that really matter?
  • Do you have the guts to?
  • And if you do, now what?

The answer to, "Now What?"

Dream: Reboot

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