The Amazing Colors of Mexico

There were times when we'd ride through a mostly Hispanic community in Florida and the brightly colored houses seemed, well, a bit tacky.  But it only takes a day or so of exploring Mexican neighborhoods to realize that bright colored homes are just part of the colorful people who live here.

I wanted to showcase some colorful photos from the past month or so of being here in the state of Jalisco, near Guadalajara.

Mexican Raspberries!

Until March 2012, if you'd asked me if I liked raspberries, my answer would have been a quick and definitive "No"!  But OH. MY. GOODNESS!  These little morsels of red juicy deliciousness are totally different than ANY I had in the US.  These berries were just picked for Driscoll Farms (you *may* recognize the name…they're shipped to the US) and were $20 MXN pesos (about $1.65 US) per bucket.  We got 2 buckets and so did our friends.  They did not last long.

Isn't that the most AMAZING bowl of raspberries ever?

The Weekly Tianguis or Market

Local artisans love to bring their wares for the Gringos to buy at the local market.  Here are some beautiful plates/platters.

Prefer painted iguanas, fish, and other creations?  They have those, too.  My grandmother would have been in HEAVEN!

Fruit-on-a-Stick Carts

What's not to love about a man that pushes around a cart of jicama and mango on sticks and then will coat them in your choice of flavored sugars or ground chile powder?  Our oldest picked a mango.

The mango-on-a-stick looks like an amazing piece of edible art, doesn't it?

Liquids Vendor

This vendor stall is crowded with buckets full of, get this, shampoos, conditioners, laundry detergents, dish soaps, and everything, well, LIQUID!  I know…this would NEVER fly in the US.  I did give it a shot with some shampoo & conditioner.  It was cheaper than at the store, but also more watered down.  But it was worth a chance, right?

Angry Bird Donuts?

I would have NEVER guessed that I would see Angry Birds donuts in Mexico, let alone at Walmart.  Honestly, I had no idea what these things were until one of my children guessed.  These were the donuts of choice for a couple weeks leading up to "El Dia del Nino" or the "Child's Day" in Mexico.  They take this holiday very seriously, or maybe not too seriously…

Have you been amazed by the different colors on your travels?  After spending too many winters in cold and dreary places, I totally understand why coming to warm and colorful Mexico is the choice of so many Americans and Canadians, as well as Europeans.

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