Traveling with Kids: Keeping them Occupied


I don't know about you, but after planning a trip, the most stressful part is making sure everyone is in decent spirits during the travel time.  Little ones especially are not that great at delayed gratification, so being prepared is important. I hope you get a few helpful pointers in this post done in collaboration with Direct Holidays.

While the concept of a summer vacation is an exhilarating one, the actual travel aspect of the trip can be a little arduous at times when traveling with kids. It can create the first stress of the holiday if they start to play up on the plane or in the departure lounge, and nobody wants that as a precursor to their fantastic vacation.

Whether you are in Europe and hoping to snap up one of the cheap Turkey holidays as a last minute vacation or you’re planning on something a little closer to home, there’s no reason why your trip should be tainted with stress. Book with Direct Holidays and you will benefit from an affordable escape, including many offers for families that will ease any financial woes.

If you are taking the plunge and travelling with the brood, the best thing to do (especially when your children are young) is stick to the short haul destinations near your home.  If you're based in the UK, Spain or the Canary Islands are a nice option.  In the US, there are many short jaunts you can take to experience something completely different than your hometown.  When choosing somewhere nearby,  you’ll only have to endure a few hours, at most, in the air and, with a little forethought; you can pack some things that will help the journey pass by without a hitch.

Any child over the age of 2 has to have their own seat on the plan.  Although this means an additional expense for your budget, it also means that they have the baggage allowance that, as a baby, they wouldn’t have had. Make the most of this by packing their own carryon bag to keep them occupied during the flight.

A Trunki is an ideal carrier because, not only is it fun and bright, but it has wheels to help to move it. It is designed to bear the weight of your child too, being great fun in the airport when waiting (im)patiently for the flight to board!

Pack plenty of on-board entertainment to keep them busy and to avoid tantrums. Some of their favorite items, such as travel games, favorite toys, magazines and coloring books, as well as the trusty handheld game consoles.  Our kids love our iPad and Nook Color for in-flight entertainment.

And don't forget to pack a few snacks for the flight.  While our kids like the idea of getting snacks on the plane, sometimes they either don't like what they picked OR they get hungry before the snack cart rolls down the aisle.  Security issues usually prevent you from bringing any drinks on the plane, so just make sure you don't pack salty snacks that will make your children thirsty.

One tip that I got from another traveling mom was to pack little plastic bags of stickers, maybe a little toy or two, and some snacks to have available to other children on the flight.  Nobody likes to fly on a plane with a miserable child, so if handing a little bag of treats and surprises to a desperate mom can help, I think it's a great idea.

Book with Direct Holidays today and, with a little pre-planning, flight dramas from the kids will be kept at bay.

-In collaboration with Direct Holidays

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  1. Passports and Pushchairs Says:

    Sticker books are fabulous, they can use and reuse! Lollipops are great for occupying them (and their ears) during take off, when they can't use electronics. We also like the triangular crayons that don't roll off the tray tables!

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