Valladolid Mexico: Great spot for kids!

Valladolid Mexico with kidsWhen we arrived in Cancun, we rented a van for the 4+ hour drive from the airport to Merida, a large city on the northern tip of the Yucatan peninsula.  We had opted for renting a van over taking the bus because there would be very little price difference for a group of our size AND it would allow us to stop as needed.  With 5 children, who had been awake since 4 am with very little sleep the night before, the van seemed like the best option.

We somehow made it onto the toll road to Merida after using a very poor map and getting good directions from locals.  Based on some of the stuff we'd read beforehand, I was expecting everyone we asked for help to expect a tip from the "rich gringo family" in a rental car.  But it just wasn't the case.   Everyone was very kind and helpful.

Along the way, we stopped in a little colonial town called Valladolid.  We'd heard great things about it from another traveling dad and decided to check it out.  He was right.  Valladolid is a charming little town with smiling faces, beautiful architecture and an awesome playground for the kids.

We needed to make a stop just to let everyone stretch their legs, so when we saw the American style playground, we found the first parking spot we could and piled out.  The Pilot did need a little time to rest.  Lack of sleep, jet lag and a long drive had taken its toll, so the kids and I had fun while he got some much deserved rest.

The time we arrived was around 1pm and the local children started wandering into the square after school  Some older students helped out our girls as they tried the exercise equipment.  Yes, the playground had exercise equipment for adults.

As we drove off, we saw a historical spot that invited you to send a text message to learn more about the history of that spot.  I should have taken a photo.  It was interesting to see how text message marketing is being used in what I considered an unlikely spot.  But Mexicans' use of mobile phones is exploding, so I should not have been surprised!

After what the children deemed was an insufficient time on the playground, we hopped back in the van and kept driving onto our destination.  The photos below are from our fun at the playground.

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6 Responses to “Valladolid Mexico: Great spot for kids!”

  1. Talon Says:

    Glad you stopped there.  We spent a week and easily could've stayed longer.  Wasn't the park with adult exercise equipment cool?

  2. Mom Says:

    I never would have stopped or suggested we stop there if you hadn’t mentioned it. It really was a neat little place and would have liked to spend more time there if we didn’t already have a reservation in Merida.

  3. Living Outside of the Box Says:

    We have the outdoor exercise equipment in one of the lakeside towns here, too!  Don't you love it? We've also seen them in Veracruz on their malecon. Can you imagine if every park actually encouraged physical activity like that?  Who needs a gym?!!

  4. Rebeca Says:

    We stayed in Valladolid and really liked it too. 

  5. Sarah Says:

    If you make it back to Valladolid check out Casa Hamaca as a place to stay. It's owned by an American (my dad) and he's happy to accomodate families. Take a look at his reviews on TripAdvisor if you question my obviously biased views :-)
    Happy traveling!

  6. Mom Says:

    Thanks Sarah. It is such a neat city. And it’s great to know of a family-friendly option in that area. If we head back down that way, we’ll look it up!

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