When Obedience Doesn’t Come Easily

The idea of selling just about everything in preparation for a move overseas is WAY easier said than done.

This week was spent putting sticker after sticker on items we've had for almost 15 years or as few as 11 months.  For the majority of the "stuff", it was fairly simple.  Couple A is buying our bedroom set and living room set.  Woman B is buying our living room rug from Turkey.  Couple C bought some funky purple Fiesta plates the Pilot picked out last year.  No biggie.

The hardest item to let go of this week…my Kitchenaid Mixer.  Oh, how I have LOVED that machine.  We bought it with a credit we got from returning a bunch of wedding gifts we got.  Yep…here it is in black and white…we took back some towels, extra crystal pitchers and who knows what else from wedding guests and I bought what I REALLY wanted.

I used that mixer to bake every one of my kids birthday cakes…and some for baby showers and some for other members of the family.  It traveled with us from Kansas to Florida to Texas to Arkansas to Georgia back to Texas to North Carolina to Florida again.  It has some serious miles under it's belt!

It was great for making my favorite cheesecake recipe and one of my favorite holiday treats, sausage and cheese balls.  Chocolate chip cookies were outstanding and my famous chocolate cake graced it's stainless bowl many, many times.

I posted an ad for it on Craigslist and it sold the next day.  Thankfully, the Pilot handled the whole transaction.  I don't know that I could have done it.

But when it comes to obeying what I believe God is calling our family to do, I have to obey…and part of that obedience involves getting rid of our stuff.  I have butterflies in my stomach just typing this.

When you're given a God-sized mission, it doesn't usually come with a road map on Easy Street, does it?

The big thing that makes the sale of my mixer easier is that I know the money I got can get a few of us a ride on a zip line through a cloud forest.  Different kind of memories than birthday cakes.  And was it really the mixer that mattered or the people that my desserts brought enjoyment to?

As hard as it is to part with SO much stuff, I have to say that PEOPLE and RELATIONSHIPS should always trump stuff.  Doesn't always happen, but it should.  It does help to know that getting a new one is as simple as going on Craigslist and finding another.  Maybe I'll get a red one next time.

So, my mixer is in someone else's kitchen tonight.  Sleep well my faithful friend.  May you bring as much joy to your new owner as you did to me.  Now I've got to get more stuff ready for the last push of sales.  The butterflies in my stomach will keep me company…

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