Where to travel safely as a family

We had the opportunity to spend an evening with one of my oldest friends (we met in high school) and her family just the other night.  The thing that made this reunion so special is that her family lives on a 48' catamaran and has spent the last 9 months or so touring the FL Keys and Bahamas by sail boat!


When we first talked about their plans to buy a boat, they had wanted to circumnavigate the globe, but have since decided that, except for being able to say "We've sailed all around the world", there's not much value in it for their young family.


Like our family, they have concerns about traveling in and around certain areas of the world.  And it doesn't help that modern pirates DO exist and recently took 4 Americans hostage on their private yacht off the coast of Somalia and murdered them.  They want to explore the world with their children, within reason.


When you have children, especially young children, they become a major consideration in the destinations you choose in family travel.  Their safety is extremely important to factor in.  For example, I would not take (even if allowed) our toddler on a white water rafting trip.  Nor would I want to get lost in an inner city area of Detroit in a big RV. 


One of the things that frightens me the most about traveling with children is the vulnerability of being away from a "safe" home and knowing the good and bad areas of a town.  But what I always need to remember is that safety can only be an illusion and many people have experienced crime in their own homes.


Now, this certainly does NOT mean that we will push the boundaries of safety when traveling and seeing our bucket list destinations, but I need to remind myself that I'm in God's hands at ALL times!  Hard to remember, but always true.


Have you had any bad experiences traveling?  How did it change your outlook on family travel?

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