Why Barnes & Noble Nook Color is NOT my choice e-reader anymore

As a traveling family, we try to maximize everything we travel with.  If we can find something that serves more than 1 purpose or replaces something with a significantly smaller option, we're thrilled.

So, as we began preparing to travel full time last summer, I did TONS of research on e-readers.  The iPad was too pricey and didn't fit our budget then.  The Kindle was just black and white and I already had the free Kindle app on my computer and didn't want to wait for the much anticipated Kindle Fire to hit the market. 

Then, I read great reviews about the Barnes & Noble Nook Color.  It was small, in COLOR, and could be turned into an Android tablet, if I wanted.  Sounded perfect.  I could use it as a standard Nook or switch to an Android tablet whenever I wanted (just by switching out a micro SD card), so we made the leap.

It was great.  Everyone was thrilled.  I loaded a ton of books for school onto it.  Even found a free ESV Bible to load onto it.

Then, just 6 months later, we noticed that it wouldn't charge.  We'd plug it in and the little "n" light on the cord wouldn't light up consistently.  It had to be in just the right spot to work and then it would stop unexpectedly.  Honestly, I thought it was because the kids were not being super careful with it.  But one day, one of my daughters brought me the Nook and PART of the cord.  The metal tip that plugged into the Nook had broken off inside the Nook.

Great.  Not like I could just jump on a bus and run into the nearest B&N to pick up a new cord.  But I got onto Amazon and ordered an "after market" replacement and within about 3 weeks, my mom sent it and it arrived safely in Costa Rica.

And…it didn't work!  I was SO mad.  I got online and discovered that B&N had configured their Nook charger cables in some "special" way that made after market cables only do half the job.  They'll charge a Nook Color if it has some charge left, but not if they're totally dead.  Lovely.

So I got on the phone (using Google Voice) and actually had a decent experience talking with someone who said they understood the problem and would send out a new cord ASAP.  Again, in another 3 weeks or so, a package arrived from my mom…this time with the new official Nook Color USB cable inside.  And it worked!

But now, about 8 months later, I'm in the same situation.  The replacement cord won't charge my Nook.  If I were to keep trying to use it, I'm sure the tip would break off again.  It's super loose and, unlike last time, I am 100% certain that extra gentle care has been taken with this cord.  The kids all knew how I would flip out if the cord broke again, so they asked me to unplug it every time.  Every time.

Now, what would you do?  Get in touch with B&N again and request a replacement.  But OH NO…NOT THIS TIME, LADY!  Since your Nook Color is past the 1 yr warranty, you can't get a replacement for the cord that is only 8 months old and is a KNOWN defective product.

Here is a screen shot (and it links to the actual page) for the Nook Color charging cable.

barnes and noble nook color charging cable

So.  I am continuing my online social media campaign to try to get Barnes and Noble to acknowledge PUBLICLY that this IS indeed a defective cord and that they should redesign it and send free replacements to everyone that has a defective cord.

For such a huge company, you'd think they could make it happen.  We shall see.  Please help me spread the word by tweeting about this, sharing this on Facebook and, perhaps above all, don't buy anything from B&N until they do something.  Obviously, customer service isn't their #1 concern, but making money is. 

Barnes and Noble…BIG FAIL!

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    [...] The internet is kind of wonky sometimes here in Mexico.  There always seems to be someone outside “working” on the cables, so we currently have 2 services so there’s always a backup.  We have to have a backup while my husband teaches online.  But aside from the internet, my Barnes & Noble Nook Color has been a big FAIL.  I just published a blog post about our disappointing experience with it and their customer service here: http://familytravelbucketlist.com/?p=345 [...]

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