Going to the Movies in Mexico – How much does it cost?

I thought it would be fun to do a quick post about the costs of going to the movies here in Mexico.  This afternoon, our family of 7, plus a friend of the girls, went to see The Croods, or Los Croods since the movie was dubbed in Spanish. Here is the breakdown of the costs:

8 movie tickets @ 40 pesos each, except today, Wednesday, is 2 for 1 = 160 pesos or ~ $12.96 USD

One large popcorn and 2 large sodas combo = 65 pesos or ~$5.27 USD

Two additional large popcorns @ 25 pesos each = 50 pesos or ~$4.05 USD

One 600ml bottle of water = 15 pesos or ~$1.22 USD (which is actually quite high since I can get one for about 8 pesos at a convenience store)

One bag of peanut M&Ms (for me) = 18 pesos or ~$1.46 USD (also high compared to 10 pesos at Walmart)

In all, we spent 308 pesos or right at $25 USD for eight people to go to the movies.  Granted, our daughters’ friend bought her own snacks, but still.  That’s less than $4 per person to see a first run movie in Mexico.

I do want to note that 3D movies do cost 20 pesos ($1.62 USD) more.

The movie theater is very nice with reclining seats, cup holders, AIR CONDITIONING, which was much needed today, and clean!  No sticky floors…which I really hate.

The kids have said they want to see the movie again in English when we’re back in the US, but I’ve told them we can’t unless it is at a dollar theater.  The last time I priced out movie tickets in the US (El Paso, TX), it was around $8 per person for tickets…and I am 100% confident that popcorn costs more than $2.03 for a large container.  Just to get inside it would be at least $56USD and there’s NO way we could avoid buying popcorn for the Pilot, ahem, I mean the kids.

So, there you have it.  Mexico is a GREAT place to go to the movies and not break the bank!

What does is cost for you to go to the movies?